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The Firm


VERDUN ABOGADOS has provided high quality legal services since 1987 based on expertise, experience and personal attention.




We advise and assist to private investors and companies -we have worked mainly for British, Scandinavian, French and Spanish clients- whose interests are located throughout Spain.

We are a highly specialized team focusing on the areas in Real Estate Law, Company Law, Private International Law and European Community Law, developing all types of proceedings, litigations and arbitrations disputes connected to these fields, obtaining also the enforcement of foreign judgements in Spain

Our firm has also cooperated with very qualified lawyers from other countries.

We are able to move quickly in the case of emergencies, having no cumbersome bureaucracy to contend with, assuring a personal and immediate attention to your needs.

The incorporation to our firm of qualified lawyers who have extensive and in-depth experience in Criminal law and civil responsability, Labour law and Tax law, enable us to provide full advising to our client, honouring also in these fields our commitment of professional excellence.