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Verdún Abogados

Verdún Abogados



Francisco Verdún has been speaker at the III Annual Meeting about European case-law of the Spanish Center of the EUROPEAN LAW INSTITUTE, held in the Faculty of Law of the prestigious Universidad Complutense de Madrid on the 9th May 2018



Francisco Verdún is co-author of the book "Estudios sobre Jurisprudencia Europea" together with Magistrates of the Spanish Constitutional Court, Spanish Supreme Court and the most prestigious professors of Spanish universities.

The book has been published by the Publisher Editorial Jurídica Sepin in 2018.











Francisco Verdún has published the article "The Court of Justice of the European Union ruling on the 29th October 2015 in the BBVA case: analysis of its possible consequences" in the law journal CESCO (consumer law) redacted by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (number 19, November 2016).


In the light of the Community objective of ensuring a high level of consumer protection, this article analyzes a number of juridical consequences that might be derived from the BBVA judgment, among others, the urgent demand of an amendment of the Spanish legislation, the duty of the national courts to act of their own motion in the cases concerned and the possibility of the litigant to bring an action for damages against the State as a result of a breach of European Union law.










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